Moose Hunting

Newfoundland Moose Hunting

A landscape encompassed by lakes, knolls, bogs, river valleys, barren landscape and mountain ridges offer the ideal area for moose along with Woodland Caribou and black bear. Caribou Valley Outfitters location within Wilderness and Ecological Reserves offers it all, an untouched area with ideal terrain for all of Newfoundland’s big game animals. Caribou Valley offers what no other Newfoundland outfitter can, the opportunity to hunt trophy animals in a virtual paradise where the moose, caribou and bear impress you as much as the natural landscape.

Caribou Valley Outfitters take the guess work out of Newfoundland moose hunting. We not only have the highest moose densities in Newfoundland, we also have dedicated guides that are second to none in experience and willingness to go beyond the call of duty to ensure the client an enjoyable and success hunt. The fact that all three of the Caribou Valley Outfitters hunting camps are located in wilderness/ecological reserves prevents other Newfoundland Outfitters from operating in the area. The inaccessibility and remoteness of the area also prevent access to local hunters. There is a reason why Caribou Valley success rates for moose, caribou and bear is consistently at the top year after year. A Newfoundland moose with a rack greater than 40 inches into the 50’s is classified as a trophy animal and Caribou Valley Outfitters take them weekly.

Moose were introduced to Newfoundland during the early 1900’s and due to ideal habitat their numbers increased to the point where Newfoundland has the highest moose density ratio on the planet with an estimated moose population of over 100,000 animals. The moose densities at the Caribou Valley hunting camps are among the highest in Newfoundland and the percentage of trophy animals unequaled. A Mature bull can weigh as much as 1200 lbs and it’s mahogany colored antlers make it a trophy of demand and worthy of taking.

Caribou Valley Outfitters’ guided moose hunts have extremely high success rates. Our location provides a unique and memorable hunting experience. If you are interested in taking part in a true Newfoundland moose hunting trip, Caribou Valley is the spot for you! Call us toll free at (709) 632-9075 to get information on our Hunts and the Prices.

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